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WindMIL is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a new class of cell therapy. Founders Ivan Borrello, MD, and Kimberly Noonan, PhD, from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) have shown that T cells capable of recognizing and killing tumor cells lie dormant in the bone marrow of cancer patients. These T cells, known as marrow-infiltrating lymphocytes (MILs), can be extracted from a patient via a routine marrow draw, activated and expanded utilizing a proprietary process, and given back to the patient as an effective and durable therapy. WindMIL has exclusively licensed from JHU the patents and know-how enabling MILs therapy.



MILs have several features that make them uniquely suited for cellular therapy of cancer. These include:

MILs possess specificity for a broad array of tumor antigens. This reduces the likelihood of tumor escape via the loss of any single antigen. It also obviates the need to identify a particular tumor-specific antigen to target—the body has already done this—leaving only those T cells specific for nonself present in the population of MILs.
Bone marrow is a natural reservoir for memory T cells, and thus MILs are rich in this cell type. Memory T cells have been shown to be long-lasting and particularly effective at destroying tumors.
Human clinical experience has demonstrated that MILs are associated with only mild side effects, as well as a complete absence of the cytokine release syndrome seen with many other cell-based therapies. This profile enables the use of MILs earlier in treatment.
There is no need to genetically modify MILs to make them tumor-specific—they already possess specificity for tumor antigens. Avoiding genetic manipulation reduces the cost and complexity of the manufacturing process.


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